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3000 mg THC Medical Edibles, Cannabis Extract Infused Full Spectrum RSO Gummies. Very strong.

10 pieces per Pack.

Many others available. over 10 to choose from.

One of the best premium gummies on the market. 


Also available in

1000 mg distillate and RSO and sugar free available in most.

2000 mg distillate and RSO

3000 mg distillate and RSO

1500 mg Shatter infused 

500 mg THC sugar free now available in most dosages and in a chew gummie

1500 mg Shatter infused

2000 mg CBD

1500 mg CBG & CBN

1500 mg THC & CBD



LUX Infused RSO Gummies 3000 mg THC

C$70.00 Regular Price
C$60.00Sale Price
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